Get off my lawn you damn kids
The worst part about being given the silent treatment is that you can’t tell the other person to shut up







That awkward moment when you suddenly forgets what you were talking about



okay, so since my previous givaway was so successful, i’ve decided to do another one :) i went through all of my band merch and found a bunch of stuff that i either never wear, or doesn’t fit me comfortably. so i figured i should give it away to someone who would actually wear it.

i have:

  • a My Chemical Romance “Mousekat Mess” Tshirt. size: Adult Medium
  • A “Drama Beats” Young and Reckless shirt. Size: Adult Small
  • a black Cobra Starship shirt. Size: woman’s medium
  • Yellow All Time Low shirt. adult small.
  • Cobra Starship grey hoodie. adult medium.
  • white Metro Station shirt from their 2009 tour. adult small. (slightly worn)
  • pink blink-182 shirt with the smiley logo. Woman’s Medium.
  • blue 3OH!3 splatter shirt. adult small.
  • Black Escape the Fate ‘Dead Masquerade’ shirt from their spring 2011 tour. adult small.
  • white Mayday Parade shirt from their 2009 summer tour. adult medium. (slightly worn)


  1. you must be following me.
  3. likes do not count.
  4. if there is anything here that you don’t care for, say so. I will give them to somebody who would want them.
  5. I will ship anywhere.
  6. I will pick a winner on September 30th! GOOD LUCK! :)
"Why do you like him? He’s old enough to be your dad!"

When you start fangirling over something…

Your real life friends are like:

While everyone on tumblr is like:

When you pause a video at the perfect herp derp moment.

I’m a thinker, not a talker.

When someone reblogs something you posted a month ago.


How did you find that one?

When you’re telling an important story and someone interrupts.